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Katie - I want to thank you and Pat Speirs for providing excellent care to a colleague of mine I referred to you. He came in with a particular vehicle in mind, but found it did not meet his requirements once he drove it. With Pat's help, he looked at the Journey instead and found it was perfect for his needs. He defined a very specific set of options and Pat found one in transit, all the features my colleague wanted and more, and she had it delivered to the dealership within 3 days. This is fabulous. Not surprising, totally consistent with my own experience, but very pleasing to know that people I refer come away with such a great impression of the people and the product at your dealership.

Stuart Reynolds

Don Mills


I hope you are well. I would like to thank you very much for ensuring that the proper tires and rims were returned to me. You have restored my faith in Bob Bannerman. Mark from service has been terrific and a pleasure to deal with; he is an asset to your team.

Thanks again.



I picked up my new car on Tuesday, but required a fix of the rear headlight. When I came in on Wednesday, I asked Bill if there were any recalls, which he said there were none. To my surprise, he called on Thursday to say a recall had just come in that morning on the occupant control module. Friday, he had the recall fixed and also a service bulletin, since they were already working on the computer for the recall. Many thanks for Bill going beyond and catching the recall for my new car, plus getting them to do the extra fix!

Leslie Palmer

Hi Victor - you and your Dad Tom and your team at New Civic do outstanding bodywork. I picked up my Jeep from Bannerman this evening and the damage to the bumper has gone, completely, and the paint job is perfect. As well, I asked if you could take a look at the scratch in the rear door caused by a door ding, and that mark has vanished without a trace as well! I know you won't remember me as you see thousands of customers every year, but you have fixed my '00 Jeep when I backed it into a concrete planter, fixed a dent in my '05 Jeep, fixed two bumps on my wife's Kia Sorento, and now this. I have 100% confidence in you and I have recommended you to several friends who needed bodywork repairs. Thanks very much for top-quality service!


Just a short note that is long overdue. As I'm sure you'll agree, the level and quality of service that we were all accustomed to in the sixties, seventies & well into the eighties is, for the most part, a thing of the past. Not so in your organization! Although i did have problems once with one of your mechanics (who thankfully is no longer with you), overall my experience with your staff has been very good! One employee in particular, Ivan Fogarasi, has been outstanding to deal with!! His level of service, customer focus and attention to detail is excellent. He's always been a pleasure to work with and, on one occasion in particular we had a sudden death to deal with, Ivan went out of his way to look after us while the van was in for service. As I'm sure you know, the front line staff can make of break a business and it's people like Ivan that keep me referring my friends and customers to your organization for their automotive needs! Keep up the tremendous effort! All the very best & continued success...

John Finlay

Hello Katie - I know I say this each time I get a new Jeep - this in is my fourth - but this one is truly the best ever. Although i have enjoyed them all, the first one was a very truck-like vehicle, the second drove smoother and quieter. The third one added some soft-touch surfaces and great seats. But this one is very different. The longer wheel base and wider stance provided a ride as smooth as a big sedan. The cabin looks and feels rich. The fit and finish are flawless. The adaptive cruise control works like magic, adjusting speed to match the traffic flor. The blind-spot and cross-path detection are significant safety features. The off-road and bad weather capabilities are as good as ever, maybe better with the air suspension and adjustable ground clearance. And yet, with all this sophistication and capability, the new one cost less than the last one. Pretty hard to beat that! Thanks Katie,


Thank you very much for the attention and service you have given me regarding the nearing end of the extended warranty on one of my 3 Dodge Magnums. Your recommendation that I take advantage of your "piece of mind" multi-point service check gave me just what I was looking for... piece of mind... both with my present situation and my future service needs. You both made me feel very much at home at your dealership and, now that I am in love with your product line due to my very positive experience with my fleet of 3 Magnums (never though I'd like a Dodge/Chrysler). I will be looking to you for vehicles in the future. I will also be singing your praises to others such as my brother who drives a Rodge Ram for business and will be trading up to a new one shortly. I feel I have gotten very good advice regarding what I should be doing to keep the HEMI in good shape and will be bringing the other two 3.5s in for a check up soon. As I said, I am in no rush to get the HEMI back but I understand that the parts covered under warranty will be available soon so I'll be down to buy you a coffee early next week, In the meantime I look forward to getting the email with Ivan's detailed recommendations based on the full service check up as it has not come in yet. Thanks again for the positive experience. And yes you can quote me and add mine to what is no doubt a long list of positive customer testimonials which you have earned.

Michael (Mike) Casey

The Clairlea-Westview Soccer Club extends its sincere thanks for your most generous support both this year and in 2011. It is because of individuals and companies like yours that the league is able to offer families facing financial difficulties the opportunity to enroll their children in a soccer program that provides training in the sport, as well as the opportunity to make friends, learn the value and importance of teamwork, and pick up life-long skills in leadership and relationship building. All six of my children are graduates of Clairlea-Westview Soccer Club which has been around for over forty years. Two of my girls went on to play five years for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues (one as keeper) and both continues to play for East York's Provincial level women's team. My son, who is thirty-one, continues to referee for the club and I continue to convene the U-19 co-ed house league division. The club has been a positive influence in my children's lives and in the lives of thousands of children. The unique relationship that the club has with the governing churches in the community has been a very large part of the club's success. Clairlea Park Presbyterian Church, the founding church, has provided the club with free meeting and storage space from the beginning. This generous contribution was recently acknowledged with the installation and blessing of a stained glass windows donated by the club to commemorate the Church's 60th anniversary and its long affiliation with the soccer club. The club primarily has a house league focus although it does field a number of competitive teams both male and female. It also competes at all levels in all-star competition. The club is a member of the Scarborough Soccer Association and also the Ontario and Canadian Soccer Association. It is the only house-league oriented club in Ontario to receive the OSA's club of the year award and its founding general manager has received the Meritorious Centre Circle Award for the OSA. Success and longevity are only possible where there are many individuals working together with a shared vision. Your contribution plays a significant role in insuring that the club continues to provide the children in the community with a welcome, loving and enriching growth experience through the sport of soccer. We pray that God will bless you and all at Bob Bannerman's for your generosity. We extend our heartfelt and humble thanks on behalf of the children you have so generously blessed. On behalf of CWSC,

Jim Barnes, Secretary

Hello folks. I wanted to just say thanks again for your great help in choosing my Jeep. I've been a Bannerman customer for over 20 years and 6 vehicles and honestly, I keep returning because of your people, not just the Chryslers and Jeeps I've bought. Truth be known, I've wanted to expand my choices to some of the other car brands and even though there are some great cars out there besides Chrysler, I can't see myself leaving the Bannerman fold. Thanks again for all your help and attention.

John Peterson - Toronto

Well it's time to give credit where it's due. Wow what a surprised to find out that my oil change was free. Your service is always first class and when Linda the Service Manager told me that my oil change was on the house I was floored! I mean what other dealer does that? Believe me, I'm coming back for service every time now. I don't expect a free oil change every time but with that kind of treatment it says a lot about the quality of your service.

Mario Abalone - Woodbridge

Mr Bannerman, I want to let you know that your sales and service people are great. Last Wednesday I was there to look at a new Caravan and when I left I noticed my car had a flat tire. Your sales person, I think her name was Katie, saw me outside looking upset and came out to offer some help. Before you know it the tire was fixed and I was on my way. The fantastic thing though is that she didn't even charge me for the repair. So I must say, that kind of customer service is not common. Thanks so much for the help.

Laura Chang - Etobicoke

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